Friday, June 27, 2008


I am all talked/written out, but wanted to share
a couple photos I took of my garden at work. One
day a week I get to garden, and it is heaven to me.
Here are two photos of some of the flowers I planted
a couple years ago. The orange is a lily, I think, but I
have forgotten the names of the rest :-). If anyone
out there knows, please feel free to enlighten me.
Have a wonderful Saturday everyone. OXOXOX


mermaid said...

The symbolism is appropriate: Planting, patience, growing...

Nina said...

I loooooooove those orange ones. Whee! Have a great weekend!

robin laws said...

that is a lovely work garden you have created! i don't yet know what you do for work but if this is any indication of what you get to do one day a week then hopefully the rest is as inspiring! the yellow on top is a trollius and the blue on the bottom is a campanula. and those orange lilies are one of my favorite summer blooms :)

sukipoet said...

Of course the blue/violet is a higher chakra color. Nice balance.

sukipoet said...

Hmm guess my first comment isnt here. I said the oranges and yellows were bright and cheerful and lower chakra colors. Take care, Suki

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie- gorgeous happy colours. They reminded me of when a friend decorated her room in yellow then friends were given an orange paint and some rags and told to draw what they wanted. One wall ended up being a man and a woman holding hands just suggested in faint swirls wiped off with the rags. Whenever I see orange and yellow together I think of that.

Kate P said...

A garden at work sounds lovely and these flowers look happy and pretty!

Unknown said...

Hi Annie

Beautiful flowers, love them all. Dont ask me about the names much as I love flowers and gardening, I cant even name half of garden's flowers.
Really like seeing everyone else' flowers because we dont have the same here :)

happy week to you

Elizabeth said...

I wish I knew what the blue flower is - so charming.
I now see one of your savvy readers knows.

Julie said...

Absolutely lovely. It looks so peaceful.