Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yesterday's post was not meant to be about death, but rather
life and the full living of it. I do think I went a bit off on death
though :-). I neglected to write the second half of the story.
When you are living as if this day will be your last, you
tend to live more aware and fully in the present, at least I
think you would, but since I have never been told that it
was my last day, this is just a theory :-). If I am living in the
moment, life gets really exciting. I do different things than I
normally would and life lights up and becomes new.
If I am asleep and just making my way through the day and not
paying attention, then I go by habits and life becomes dull and
ordinary. I do not have time to be dull and asleep! I want to
eat life up. I want to take risks and be fearless. I want to move
with the moment and stay aware. This is taking a lot of practice
and I find it is most hard to move in this world when fully awake.
I get sleepy by the sweet soothing talk of others that are asleep.
Does anyone else find it hard to stay aware and in the now? Why
is it so hard?
This photo is of Dottie or Dot as I call her, she is my brothers dog.
My brother is doing much better, 98 percent of his eye sight is back, yay.
Have a most wonderful Tuesday.


willowtree said...

Ma'am, step away from the introspection...

Kate P said...

Your dog and cat are very photogenic! Glad your brother's sight is doing better.

sukipoet said...

Yes, it is hard to always be in the "now." For sure. But then again, isn't that being human? We are never always anything. We are ever flowing and changing, one minute in the past, one in the future, one in the present. I think it's important to love oneself whatever is going on. It's all okay.

Cute dog.

Julie said...

I'm so glad your brother is doing better!

mermaid said...

I certainly can relate to this, Annie. It is hard to stay fully awake because my ego does not want to die. It wants to fantasize, get caught up in future worry, or stay stuck in past regret. I must try again and again. Sometimes I will listen to dharma talks, or read other blogs that remind me what I am trying to cultivate, or go to a meditation center. This metta thing is really starting to grow on me, but as soon as I try to capture the beautiful butterfly, I land up sleeping again, missing almost everything. Know that I suffer too, and that you are growing something beautiful.

Yoli said...

I love your pets, they are as photogenic as I am sure endearing.

Life is transient, no matter what you do, there is always a flow going on.

Kelly said...

Pema Chodron says it's so hard because we have been conditioned and habituated to running off to the past or future or numbing out or resisting the present moment for a LONG time, so that has a momentum of its own. Even after you stop "kicking the wheel," it still turns for a while. And what about Ego? It seems to be Ego's job to drag us away from the present moment. What a character! :)

Annie Coe said...

wt- :-).
Sukipoet-You are a wise woman indeed :-).
Julie-Thanks darlin
Mermaid-Thanks for your lovely words.
Yoli-I agree totally.
Kikipotamus- Yes the ego-what a devil:-).

Sizzle said...

My kitty is named Dottie and I call her Dot. ;)

Lorie McCown said...

Good for you! You know, sometimes when I feel that sleepy sense, it's because the subject is one I don't feel is relevant. Make sense? I think we can only take in so much information, then our 'full' button pops..then it's time to step back and digest. Introspection is ok!

Annie Coe said...

Lori M.-You are so right!

robin laws said...

i specifically clicked on this comment box so i could say: i love your pets:) and i see that yoli does too. bless her sweet heart :) this living in the now stuff is very tricky. i am 55 years old this year and even though i never thought it would happen to me i now have to contend with not only staying away from the future focus but i also find myself wandering around in the past focus. to stay in the present sure isn't easy but i find i can manage it best when i am dong things i love and being with people i love. that at least is my simple minded version of being present and alive... to love, be loved and to love some more :)