Tuesday, June 10, 2008


You made me wait so long,

so long that I got used to missing you

You came back after a long time I now love longing

for you more than I love you.
(translated by Suleyman Fatih Akgul)
I can relate to this poem so much in my life.
Photo by Geraint Smith.
I will see you soon, I will be away
from the computer for a couple days. OXOX
Blogger messed up-it is really Wednedsday :-).


Elizabeth said...

I LOVED the Rumi poem - and your picture of the road.
Have a peaceful time away from the computer!

sukipoet said...

Great Poem. I love Rumi too. and the photo looks like caligraphy. Hope your time away is fun. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Namaste, Suki

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a good time Annie.

Love the poem. It's how I feel about Oxfordshire- I miss the place as it was and when I'm there it is different from when I lived there.

The whiteness of the road in the picture reminded me of the chalk on White Horse Hill in Uffington. I was on a dig on the next hill fort along one summer.

mermaid said...

That road looks like the desire we often hold for something on the other side of the mountain. Desire is like that, causing us to contract with need. It leaves, and then we feel free, and wonder why we ever desired the object or thing of longing to begin with.

Rumi was wise...

Unknown said...

Lovely words. Have a fantastic time away and at times..its good to be away from the PC. take care :)

Julie said...

Enjoy your time away, and we'll be waiting for your return.