Friday, June 6, 2008

My mind wanders...

I know this photo is a bit blurry, but isn't my dog cute?!
I just had to share. See that big bag of grey stuff on the
table? That is clay :-). I have not been able to do anything
more with the clay as my brother and his wife and one of
their dogs are coming for a visit and I did not want to begin
another project without being able to give my full attention to it.
I have been busy cleaning and relaxing on my days off and I
do believe I am now ready for visitors :-). There has been
a lot going on: at work they are working on the outside of the
building, completely redoing it and all I will say is gee that's been
fun :-), they have another week to go. It will be nice when
it is all done, so I am happy it is happening, even if it has
been a bit of a pain. One sad thing is they cut down a tree and
I hate to see that happen. I did my best to stop it, but short
of living in the tree there is nothing more I could do. At home they
are working on the roads, another good thing, but makes it
rough to get to and fro from my house. Helps me to practice
being detached :-). Nothing much more to say except isn't
life grand :-)? Yes, yes it is. Even when things are not perfect,
they are. Have a wonderful Friday. OXOXOX


Unknown said...

Hi Annie, is it me, the light or is the floor colour in pink? fushia? or something else? or my eyes playing tricks on me? sure looks nice and fun :)

That doggie must've been a good companion for you. We dont have dogs here and you know what we have...too much of them, driving me nuts nowadays!!

Hey friend, I am send a postie to you next week (not postcard)..and I hope you like it. I also hope your postcard dont arrive in year 2009 hahaha...

Have a pleasant weekend , hugs always !!!!

Annie Coe said...

m.kate, hi darling one. I received the postcard yesterday! I left a comment on your blog. Thank you! Your card is on it's way, I hope it makes it. I love your bunnies, wish I could be there to help:-).
No, you are not seeing things, my curtains are fushia and the sun was coming through them making the whole room pink :-). Hugs, back

Em said...

You are right.. life is always grand even when it is not perfect.

Julie said...

I love the imperfections. They make things interesting.

willowtree said...

Hey, if you think your dog is cute, you should check out this blog, she's a blog buddy of mine.

willowtree said...

Actually, this post would be better.

Annie Coe said...

Willowtree-Thanks for that, those two could be brothers :-).

Yoli said...

Glad you have your clay and that doggie is a handsome ball of deliciousness!