Saturday, May 3, 2008

More Spring

It is pouring rain today, but I guess that is part of Spring too.
We actually need it and it smells so good :-). These are more
photos I took of the yard at work yesterday.
On my mind today is my cat Mr.B. The other day I heard a
story about an amazing healing this woman in town had. I
heard it second hand, but my friend J heard it firsthand
from the woman herself. The story goes like this:
This woman had horrible pain in her hands for years. The
doctors had not been able to help her and told her she needed
surgery. She was at work in a local coffee bar when a man
stood looking at her and told her "I can help you with your
hands". She freaked a little, but figured she would go along
with it. He held her hands for a few seconds and then her
pain was gone! All gone. And it has not come back. When the
woman told my friend the story, he asked who the man was.
I won't say his name here, but it is a man both my friend and I
know. We went to Quantum healing classes with him (more
about that another day). I called this guy up (we will call him
the "Healing Guy")last night and he is coming over tomorrow
to work on Mr. B. He has never done a cat before, but he is
willing to try :-). Please keep all toes and fingers crossed this
will work. If it doesn't at least I gave Mr.B every chance :-).
Have a great Wednesday.


Julie said...

I really hope it works. How cool is THAT???

Annie Coe said...

Thanks Julie, me too.