Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pictures of Spring

I took these photos at work today, I love this tree :-).
I am a bit zonked out and though I have things to tell
you about, it will have to wait another day. I have more
photos to share tomorrow too. OXOXOX


Phoenix said...

It's a beautiful tree. I love spring. It feels like everything's coming alive again. Maybe that's why I find recovery easier at this time of year.

Julie said...

Just gorgeous.

I'm looking forward to more pics.

Em said...

I love spring flowers. I have (had) that sort of tree in my backyard. :-( (Sorry I'm just missing my house already and I just moved out yesterday.)

Yoli said...

Girl, those are gorgeous!

Lubna said...

How is little Mr. B now? Hope he is better and the healing therapy worked. Please give him a hug from me.