Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My rambling mind...

I wish this was me right now. I miss the ocean and the beach so much I could scream. That is the only thing about living where I do, no ocean, no beach :-(. This beautiful photo was taken by Geraint Smith. A lot is going on in my brain right now, so for this post I am just going to ramble a while. First, a wonderful thing happened. Saturday I went to a friend's house and while there I met a man and woman who where also visiting. He is a retired veterinarian. I told him about my cat Mr.B and he offered to come over and look at him. He also asked to see Mr.B's blood workup I'd had done, so I had it faxed over to me. It took him two minutes to figure out what was wrong. His kidney's. They are just a little off, but he is losing weight so as not to make them work so hard. His weight loss is a good thing :-). He told me to get him some KD and to actually feed him (and my other porky boys) less, not more. So the food bowls are put away and my cat kids are really mad at me right now. I don't know how my vet missed this, but I am very disappointed in her for doing so. Mr.B has just bought about four more years and I could not be happier :-). Mystery solved. I felt so blessed last night after I heard this news. I felt like an angel had sent this man out of nowhere to help me. Life truly is magical. In other news I have had an inspiration to work in clay and make some pottery. I will do this in all my spare time :-). I am very excited to translate what I do in painting to clay. I will have to take the finished pieces to a woman in town to fire it for me, but that is very doable and she does not charge a huge fee. I can also do glazes there. Learning something new, I have always wanted to do, it is the best :-). I will start out with a bowl and plate and cup for myself and if they turn out I may start offering some of the pieces to you :-). I am going to attempt to get the clay in the next couple of days. I will let you know what happens. That's it for today. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.


Em said...

I really miss the beach too. I'm not moving to the beach unfortunately.. Happy to hear about Mr. B

Dagny said...

I knew it was his kidneys! I knew it.

I am soooooooo glad you got it caught early. And my vet missed it the first time too, and poor Gilbert paid the ultimate price for that. so I am SUPER glad that you got a second opinion so quickly.

(((((Mr. B)))))


willowtree said...

Hmmmm, aren't vets just wonderful? I've had some issues with mine lately too.

I'm glad that the mystery is solved, but at a loss to understand why your vet didn't pick it up, given that kidney problems are so prevalent in cats.

Julie said...

That just rocks. I'm so glad you met him and got an answer.

I live within 2 hours of the beach and haven't been there in about 4 years. Pretty darn sad.