Friday, May 2, 2008

Update on Mr. B the cat not the man.

Little Mr. B asleep in my messy bed. He had his vet appointment
today and his weigh in. I have been feeding him extra food for
the last couple of months and still he lost 5 ounces :-(. Also his
paw is infected. I am not concerned about the paw. That
will be fine, it is the continued weight loss. We have a few
supplements to try, but if they don't work the next step is
cutting him open. I can't make that decision yet. Send some love
and good thoughts his way will you. I will work on being at peace
with whatever happens down the road. OXOXOX.


Dagny said...

Muchmuchmuch LOVE for Mr. B.

And all my 4 kitties send Kitty Hugs.

I hope you can get it sorted without surgery.


Now eat for Mama Mr. B!!

Julie said...

I'm crossing my fingers here, sending love, and lots of head scritches for Mr B.

Annie Coe said...

Thanks you two. Mr.B appreciates it. He does eat, plenty, but he still loses weight :-(.

Unknown said...

hope Mr B gets well soon :)