Saturday, May 3, 2008

Moments in time.

I captured this rare photo of all four of my boys at once!
This never happens :-).
I wanted to share with all of you something I read in "The
New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle, just in case you are not
reading it (isn't everyone reading it? :-). He talks about
how to know what your purpose in life is and he says that
your purpose is whatever you happen to be doing in this
moment. So if you are reading a book, that is your purpose.
If you are driving your car, that is your purpose. This little
bit of information has helped me so much in living in the now.
I remember to ask myself what my purpose is and it pulls
me right into this moment. It is a great tool. There is more
to it of course, but this little bit has proved very helpful to
me and I thought you might find it useful too. Have a
magical Monday :-).


Dagny said...

What a great shot of your boys!!! They are so very handsome. :)

And I like that. Your purpose is what you are doing....I am going to try to remember that one, it might help me slow down!


shelley said...

I discovered your blog today… I love this photo of all the animals together - and the throw over the couch is beautiful!

Woodrow said...

So my purpose in life right now is to be reading blogs while not doing my job? Sweet. I like that book.

Annie Coe said...

Yes, Woodrow, it is :-).