Saturday, May 3, 2008

More random

This darling photo by Geraint Smith. I have made a decision
about Mr. B, I won't let them cut him open, no way. I don't
think it will help and I think it will finish him off. I will do what
I can to make him happy until he decides to check out for good.
I have also been thinking about fear. I have this huge desire to paint
and write full time. I see that time is short and our days are numbered.
I want to live my life doing what I love. Still I have rent to pay and
animals to care for. I have been thinking about giving up at least one day
of work every other week to start this process, but even that is super
scary cause it would be about 200 less a month. I would have to trust
the Universe to provide. Why is that so hard? I know I can't go on
like this much longer, my heart tells me daily this is what I am
to do. What would you all do? Have a wonderful Saturday everyone :-).


Yoli said...

Annie, you are young, go for it. I never did, I had to work to maintain a family. I had to provide, there was no option. I turned away from the arts and I regret it. Life is short. Just do it.

Annie Coe said...

Yoli, I love you so much cause you think I am young :-). I am probably older than you, just over 50. That is the whole point really, I have waited my whole life to do what I love, I am tired of waiting.

Julie said...

Don't wait anymore. I'd do it.

Marimar - said...


I too think about doing only what I love and not worrying about the money- for you are correct- life is short. To the extent you can follow that path, please go for it!!! As you know all to well, it is fear that prevents us from living, really living. As I wake up daily trying to pursue my dreams, I am slowly losing the fear and gaining more patience and seeing more of the true me appear. So, this has not been a thankless road even if I do have to eventually change directions to bring in money again.

Changing subjects, thank you for writing to my blog the other day. Your comment inspires me to keep going.

BTW- How far do you run? I am running a 1/2 marathon in Santa Barbara next weekend.


Woodrow said...

Do it. I'll buy a painting.

Dagny said...

I dunno Annie, that is a hard question...saying that. I have up and quit a few jobs with ZERO concern for the money lost. But I might just be super impulsive..hehee.

But I agree, life is way too short to spend too much time doing things you don't go with your heart.


Annie Coe said...

Thanks everyone, for the support. I forgot to add that this is a great job and not easily replaced.
That is why I will start out with a day here and there first. I do believe I will do it, after Summer
is over. But I will do it :-).

willowtree said...

I agree with you about Mr B. cutting him open probably won't fix anything besides the Vet's bank account, and it's just putting the poor guy through drama.

Ha ha ha, I'm older than you!! I decided to stop working some time ago, it's a decision I'll never regret.