Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Voices in our heads

We all have them and some of the time
they are good voices of intuition, but
sometimes they are the voices of the critic
and the judge. Why I still sometimes listen
to those voices, I have no idea. I KNOW what
they say is a lie and not based in any reality
I live in, but still I sometimes listen and let them
get me down. I have been so happy and in love
that the voices calmed down a bit, but I guess
I am just too happy, because the last couple days,
the judge, really had me going. I have come back
to my senses and now I wonder why, I did not
just tell it to shut up right away? I guess there
is no real answer to that question, except that
as hard as I try not to be, I am still a human
in this universe and every once in a while I forget
that I am really a spirit trapped in an ego body :-).
So, for now all is quiet.

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