Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year

I am thinking about the new year and what may
or may not happen. I am thinking about what I
want to do and what I want to change. Of course
I want to change the obvious things, like lose more
weight and run faster, think smarter, love harder,
things like that :-). However, the things I would most
like to change are a bit more abstract. I want to love
without fear. I want to live freedom. I want to never
judge another person, or event ever again. My fondest
wish is to be only myself and to love that self with my
whole heart. I deserve it. I want to love Mr. B without
any fear of being hurt or any fears period. I want to
delight in every single thing that comes into my awareness.
I want to eat without worrying about if the food I am eating
will make me fat. I think the thing I most want is to embrace
all I fear and do it anyway. I want to turn fear to love.
I want to silence my little ego and only listen to spirit.
I have chosen two words to become my mantras in the coming
year, two words I will attempt to do every minute of everyday.
Love and delight. Those are my mantras.
What do you want to change in the coming year? Perhaps
you are way ahead of me and know you don't need to change
anything :-).
In other news I am learning my new camera and photo shop
and I am hoping that I will have some photos for you tomorrow.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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