Monday, December 10, 2007


This topic has come up a lot lately, so it
is on my mind. Why do we feel guilty?
Why do we think guilt comes from God?
You know it doesn't. How could guilt come
from an energy that loves us unconditionally?
Well, it just makes no sense at all :-). Guilt is
a destructive force. Some would say, well,
if I don't feel guilty for bad(which is a judgement)
behavior how will I desire to change? First of all,
none of us really wants to do things that hurt others,
or ourselves, wanting to do good is a motivating force.
You don't have to feel guilty first. Guilt eats away at
you and makes you feel awful, it serves no useful
purpose, except to the little ego. The little ego is the
one who gets great delight in guilt. Why feed that?
If you do something that does not feel good, just
STOP doing it. There is no need to beat up on yourself.
The other reason we feel guilty is really twisted,
we feel guilty if we feel too good! Or get too much!
How silly is that? God wants the best for us and
would NEVER be a party to guilt, especially when it
is about something good that has happened to us.
I for one will be silencing the guilt from now on.

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