Sunday, December 2, 2007


I have been thinking a lot about the mystery
of life. How you really never know what is
going to happen. No matter how well you plan,
or how much you know, spirit always has a
few surprises up it's sleeve. Right now in my life
I feel like I just woke up:-). Love has a way of
doing that, doesn't it? It wakes you up. Your senses
become more acute and you feel things more deeply.
I have always been good on my own. I love to be alone.
I think, I have for the first time, met someone I would
rather be with than myself. I felt like that the first time
around with him and I feel the same today. We are very
different people, now, almost ten years later. We are
better able to do the relationship thing. Why did spirit
bring us together now? Perhaps we just were not ready
back then. Timing is everything :-).

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