Monday, December 3, 2007


I thought I would say a word or two about
the challenge I gave myself a few days ago.
The stop judging challenge. Here is my update:
I still find myself judging, but I catch myself
right away and I am doing it a lot less. I think
it is mostly being aware and paying attention.
That is something I have been doing with my
thoughts anyway, trying for a positive spin on life.
Judging and being a critic is something ingrained
in our society and I am not sure why.
Being kind and thoughtful, does not seem to
be as important. I think it is odd, don't you?
How different our world would be if we saw it
though eyes that loved rather than judged.
I plan on making this a major spiritual practice,
and hope to one day be judgment free.

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Bruce said...

I Love your thoughts Anne.