Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am back in the saddle, sort of. I have
decided that while my love life is a bit
on hold and in no man's land right now, I
would attempt to get on with my life
despite the unknowns. I am planning on
starting a new painting on Christmas. I
have been working on the book so long,
I have not done a painting for over a year,
and it is way overdue. My work is abstract,
so I really don't know what I will be painting
until I start, except I know there will be circles.
Always circles. I am obsessed with them. It
started about two years ago and now that is
my main focus. I never get tired of em :-).
I am getting a camera from my generous
mom for Christmas and after I learn to use it
:-), I will have a much more interesting blog
and I will take a picture of my new painting
to show you. I guess that is it for today.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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