Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I love snow, I really do, but it has been snowing
for two days non stop and enough already!
I love everything about snow except driving in it.
And driving in it at night is the worst. It sure is
beautiful though, all sparkly and so white. I really
love how it muffles all the sounds and makes
everything so quiet and sort of sacred. I am
thinking this might be my last snowy Winter.
If I do move to LA, no more snow. It makes me
appreciate it a lot more this year. Mr. B will be
here in two days! The snow is supposed to clear
up the day he arrives. I am glad there will be so
much snow for him to see, it has been a while for him.
I am getting nervous about all this now that it is so
close to really happening. I know we will have a
wonderful time, but there are a lot of unknowns
and really I have no idea what will happen next.
He always emails me to create a great day:-), and
that is my plan for his time here. I guess being
a tiny bit scared it normal, but I won't let fear
stop me from having a wonderful, bright, deeply
loving time :-).

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