Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Body image

This won't be a long post(of course none of them are).
I have and am having a hard time with my body image.
However, this is not a rant, it is more a wondering, where
this attraction to skinny bodies came from, and why do
I and many other women suffer from a bad self image?
I quit looking at fashion magazines years ago because
I felt so badly about myself after. Understand I am
average height and weigh under 130 pounds. I am not fat.
However, I am far from skinny and far from perfect.
When did a size eight(my size) become large? If I feel
badly, how do women who wear a size 16 feel? I don't eat
a lot and I try to run everyday, yet I still struggle with my
weight. My body wants to be the size it is and I just can't let it be.
I want to love my body the way I love the rest of me, just as it is.
Anybody else feel like this?
If you have found a way to love your body, flaws and all I would
love to hear how you did it.

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