Monday, November 19, 2007


We did it again, another late night talking on the phone.
As a result I am so sleepy I can hardly stay awake at all.
I must admit I have not been getting much done in the
evenings. I have paintings to paint and books to write,
but all I am doing right now is falling back head over heels
in love with the sweetest man on the planet :-).
Isn't love the most important thing of all? Yes.
Yes it is. So I don't feel one bit guilty that I have nothing to
show for the last three weeks, but love.
Okay, you (whoever you are) I know you may be getting
sick of reading all this mush. I am sorry about that, it just
happens to be what I am going through right now, and it is
mushy and sweet and lovely and wonderful and I am going with
the flow. However this romantic saga turns out, I am so grateful
for this second chance with the love of my life.
I will attempt to change the subject in tomorrow's post. I promise.

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