Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is God Ironic?

I have been thinking about this
for many days and I think the answer
is yes. YES. As I look at my life and
the lives of others I absolutely say yes.
I mean this in the best possible way :-).
Example: When I was trying to get over
the ex boyfriend mentioned in this blog
as Mr. B, I was having a very hard time
until I met another man(who shall remain
nameless), who I fell for, and who helped me put
Mr. B behind me. Lately I have been trying to
get over the nameless one, and who comes along,
but Mr.B, and now he is helping me get over the
one who helped me get over him. Is that not ironic?
Is that not odd? It makes me laugh out loud.
Have a great day all :-).

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