Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was over at Simply Wait, Patry Francis' blog.
I was distressed to read that she has cancer.
Then I was so happy because she is such a brave
strong soul. I know she will beat this. I KNOW it.
It got me to thinking about all that I am thankful for.
Health is a big thing, and I have that for the most part.
My family is fairly healthy. My pets are doing well.
I have enough money and a wonderful job.
I am in love with the most dear man in the world :-).
I live in a great place with lots of nature and art.
Yes, things could be better in some areas, but
then something like cancer puts it all in perspective.
All those little stresses are just that, little, when
compared to a life threatening disease. Flat tire,
nothing, money problems, nothing. All is really right
when you have your health. I am so blessed and thankful.
Please send prayers and good thoughts to Patry.
Have a wonderful day.

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