Saturday, November 24, 2007


I am reading a bunch of great books right now and
they all have a common theme running through them:
Forgiveness. Real forgiveness can heal your life.
It can make you whole. I believe everything is
an inside job, meaning all things start inside, nothing
is really outside of us. If we want to heal ourselves
or a situation we find ourselves in, we have to start
by looking inside, cause that is always where the problem
is. Once we stop blaming others for what is wrong in
our lives and start taking responsibility for what is
happening, we can find forgiveness much easier. There
is no reason in the world to hold a grudge. Most people
are doing the best they can and if we can look at what people
do to us with the eyes of love and forgiveness, things start
to look different. Most importantly we have to forgive ourselves.
Everyone fails, everyone messes up. We need to be kind to
ourselves as well as others. Kindness rules. It is worth trying.
Forgive someone today.

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