Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Why are some of our connections with people, so
deep that we can almost read their minds? Lately
I have been having this weird thing happen. I swear
I can feel Mr. B's feelings. I always know right before
he calls. Seconds before. Last night I had the thought,
B is going to call any second, 2 seconds later he did.
He thinks it is weird and lovely :-). I think it is great!
I believe that when I have experiences like this, it means
I am on the right track. I am flowing. I am listening to my
intuition. At times like this everything is going my way.
Right now, today, I feel triple blessed.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, cause it's about all
the things I love, family and friends, food, and being grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I love you.

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Bruce said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too it's all about family and friends and just being together and having a good time. we have a tradition every year we sit down at the table and before we eat each of us takes a turn talking about what we are thankful for this year, sometimes it's tearful sometimes we all laugh especially with what the kids are thankful for. it's a great time a lotta Love and thanks. Have a great day!fettzq