Sunday, November 18, 2007


My thoughts today are on intuition. How do we
know something? Even if we have no proof
of what we know. I'm not sure of the how's of it, but
I do know when I KNOW. I try to trust my gut feelings.
Of course there are always other voices in one's head
that compete for attention, however I think in our
hearts we always know the truth of the matter.
I guess the real question is why don't we always listen
to our hearts? Why do we sometimes argue with it?
That is a very tricky question, and it is probably different
for everyone. For me I think sometimes it is because of
fear or lack of belief in my goodness or worthiness.
Getting very quiet at least once a day, I ask for guidance
in my day. I ask for answers to questions. I believe I always
get an answer, and if I am quiet enough I will hear it.
Lately I have been in a bit of an uncertain place, but
today that changed. The fear has gone back to it's dark, dank,
corner and I am fully in the present, and I KNOW.

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