Sunday, November 25, 2007


Today I decided to talk about running.
I have only been running for a little over
a year. Starting later in life is a bigger challenge,
but it is better than not starting at all. At first it
was really, really hard. I mean really hard. Now it
is still hard, but gets easier everyday. This morning
I hauled myself out of my very warm, cozy bed and
layered on a bunch of clothes and drove with my dog,
out to our running spot in the desert. It was 5 degrees.
Sparkly snow covered sage everywhere. Very beautiful,
very cold. However, once I started running I began to
warm up and really enjoy the run. It was after all, sunny
and bright. I decided today that I love running in the Winter,
Summer not so much. I know that sounds crazy and maybe I
am crazy, but I just love running in the snow. I slow down and
run less distance when it is hot out, I become a real wimp.
But give me some snow and a cold day and I run like the wind,
sort of, I like to think I am running fast, but probably not.
I hope I am running when I am 100 years old :-).
In other news, I am still in love and we are happily planning
his visit for 3 weeks from now! I will keep you posted.
Have a lovely day everyone.

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