Monday, November 26, 2007


I am turning into a big, fuzzy, warm,
mush ball of sweet emotion. Those
of you tired of hearing about Mr. B
can leave the room, cause I can't hold
it in anymore. Love is so wonderful and
when it hits the same spot twice I think
it is double sweet. I once loved this man
more than I thought it was possible to love,
and 9 years later he comes back into my life,
and sweeps me off my feet, totally.
He is coming to visit in 2 and a half weeks
and I am so delighted I can't keep this smile
off my face :-). Plane ticket is bought, so I
know it is happening for real. It has all been
such a wonderful surprise, I feel like I am
in some lovely dream. I hope I never
wake up :-). It is too soon to know, but if
it works out, I may be moving to LA. There
is a lot to happen before I decide that, but
it is a possibility. It scares me, but I try not
to project into the future too much. You just
never know what wonderful thing (or person)
is just around the corner. Sigh...I love you
Mr.B with all my heart.

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