Thursday, November 1, 2007

Is anybody out there?

I finally did it. I have a blog. Will anybody read it? Will they care?
I am starting this blog because I get a lot of fun and joy out of
other artist's and writer's blogs and wanted to add my
voice to the chorus.
I am also a painter and a writer. I will post a link
(if I can figure it all out :-) to my
painting site. I have just finished
writing a book and have not even started to look
for a publisher yet,
so if any
of you have any advice in that regard feel free to comment.
My book is about my spiritual journey of the last thirty years
and it
was a wonderful experience writing it. I will be putting it out as an

soon and will post a link to the book site when I get it done.
I feel very shy all of a sudden. This will take some getting used to.
It is a bit scary to put yourself out there into the world. I think having no

expectations is probably best :-). It is great to be here and it feels
as if
the possibilities are endless.

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