Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vase Love and a Thank You!

I just got some new porcelain pieces out of the kiln and instead of showing them all a once I decided to show you one at time. This little 2 1/2" x 2" vase is my favorite and I am debating rather I want to put it in my ETSY shop or keep it :-).

When I returned home from my trip and opened my PO box I had a lovely surprise from Lori, she sent me 3 of her wonderful photo cards and these beautiful feathers for my feather vases. Thank you Lori, you are a darling doll.

Happy Thursday! XOXO

P.S. Blogger just decided to space this post weirdly (is that a word? It is now :-).


Lynn Cohen said...

I love the red peppermint feet on this cute vase!!!

And I LOVE the photo of MAX on the laundry basket. So Henry he is!!!

Lori ann said...

I like the spacing Annie, I always like breathing room, even for words.

Your vase is adorable, I think you need to keep it. It has a dr. Seuss look to it, whimsical!

And you are so welcome, I'm really glad you liked my package.

becky said...

Yes, I say weirdly is a word, whether it is or not! :)
That vase is adorable- it reminds me of melting peppermint! ( I just got some vases back from class- love the forms- hate the glaze- darn it!) So sweet of your friend to send cards & feathers! I just finished making tortilla soup for 13 for our potluck at school tomorrow- whew that was a lot of work. (time that I could have been sanding!) Anywho, YES, let's catch up Saturday nite! Can't wait!

angela recada said...

Your vases just keep getting better and better. They look so happy! I love Lori's gift of those beautiful cards and that amazing feather.
Love and hugs,

Jos said...

I love the little feet! And the shape. And the colours. OK I think that about covers it!

Some lovely photos ... both yours and Lori's too. I bet your menagerie were very pleased to see you back Annie. I know I am.

Hope you have a happy weekend!! xoxoxo

secret agent woman said...

I've found some of those speckled feathers - they are really beautiful.

Annie said...

Lynn, Thank you! Yes, I think Max and Henry are related :-). xoxo
Lori, I love your cards and the feathers are wonderful, thank you for thinking of me. Glad you like the vase, I think sometimes I chanel Mr.Seuss :-). And I am keeping the vase!xoxo
Becky, I hope the potluck went well! I want to see your vases...
Talk to you tomorrow! xoxo
Angela, Thank you sweetie! xoxo
Jos, What a doll you are, you support my art in so many ways!xoxo

Annie Coe said...

Secret Agent, Yes they are, and I can use them! xoxo

Houseelf said...

That is gorgeous and so unusual. I love how the feet look like little sweets. Great work Annie.

What a lovely gift.

studio lolo said...

I'm not the only one who was seeing peppermints :) Sweet little vase Annie. You could do both, make it yours for a while and then sell it on Etsy later!

Sweet Lori. I love the selection she sent you, esp that bluebird. And those feathers!!