Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Tale of Two Dreams

I took this photo on my recent trip to Oregon.

I know other people's dreams are boring, so I won't go into detail, just a brief telling, it is the end of the two dreams that really count anyway. A few days before I left on my trip to Oregon I dreamed I was in an office and a doctor gave me some drugs, these drugs were for accessing my subconscious, I lay on a sofa waiting, the question I was asking was, what was my greatest fear.

Nothing came at first, but then I sat up and told the doctor my greatest fear was of being successful! Imagine that. I wrote the dream down knowing I needed to give it some deep thought, but quickly forgot about it as I was busy on my trip. Then a few days after returning from my trip I had this dream: I dreamed I was at my wedding where I was to marry Jeff bridges :-), I was waiting to go down the aisle and I told a friend "It really does not matter if this marriage works out or not. I am not afraid of making mistakes anymore!" Imagine that.

I then remembered my first dream and I think of these two dreams as sister dreams.

Imagine a person with these two fears working behind the scenes, you would not get very far or accomplish a great deal! No wonder I feel stuck a lot of the time. I don't know if these two insights will change things, but I have a feeling they will and I think of these dreams as a huge leap and as miracles given to me by spirit. Accessing important information. I just thought I would share. Happy Saturday! XOXO


Barbara/myth maker said...

Very interesting dreams. I fully understand the fear of success, and it sucks! Definitely something to untangle yourself from.

Love clouds, as you know, and that photo is a beauty.

angela recada said...

Beautiful clouds and very interesting dreams. :0) I understand the fear of success, too, unfortunately. I think quite a few of us have that. . . Jeff Bridges, huh? Interesting. . . :0)

becky said...

Well, I heard about the dreams- but not the jeff Bridges part! :) I think peoples dreams are interesting. Some of your thinking made it's way into one of my dreams- I dreamt about parallel universes- it was really weird! I'll tell ya about it.
"accessing important info" - sounds good!
happy saturday to you, annie!

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Yes! I recently realized that part of the reason for my 'basement mess' was besides holding me back, it was preventing me at 'failing' at things I might not succeed at, instead of trying and failing, it is easier not to try at all...

Jos said...

I do think that fear of success is at least as prevelant as fear of failure. Quite often the two go hand in hand prooving yet again that duality of thought is not uncommon. I like what Teri said ... so true!

Jeff Bridges eh? Well there's no accounting for taste is there? :)

Happy Sunday Annie! xx Jos

sukipoet said...

these are two cool dreams. I just saw Jeff Bridges in a movie which's name has flown out of my head at the moment. He has an interesting way about him.

be well, Suki

yoborobo said...

First of all, Annie, Jeff Bridges: excellent choice! :) I am a little afraid of success, but I would have to say the fear that is worse (for me) is the judgment that comes with putting your art out into the world. People will tell you exactly what they think of it: either directly (via reviews) or by not purchasing it. For me, the fear is about doing what I love most, putting it out there, and having the world kick it to the curb. Success I think I can handle. :)) I love these dreams, and I love even more that someone/something inside you is helping you figure you out. xoxo Pam

PS My vert word is 'unfib'. Does that mean 'truth telling'? :)

Annie said...

Barbara, I love clouds too, but then who does not love a fluffy cloud? xoxo
Angela, Yes, these are common fears for sure. Yes, Jeff bridges, I have loved him my whole life and if he was not happily married I would likely be stalking him :-). xoxo
Becky, So glad I could plant some interesting ideas in your dreams :-). I can't wait to hear about it.xoxo
Teri, Yes, I know this fear well, I try not to let fear stop me, but I think sometimes it does and I don't even know I am afraid. xoxo
Jos, I know that these fears are common, but I have both and I think it must just stop me in my tracks a lot of the time and I have not been aware of it. Oh, Jos, don't you like Jeff? Howe is that possible :-). xoxo
Suki, I love Jeff's bad boy image inside a really sweet, good man. xoxo
Pam, Yes, Jeff, sigh.
I think most artists are afraid of what people think of their art, it is very brave to put stuff out there and have it rejected over and over. I do think though that just because people don't buy it does not mean they don't like it. If I had unlimited funds I would likely have a room devoted to only your dolls :-). 3 is just not enough :-).But money and lack of space stop many from buying things they love. xoxo

Mim said...

There have been a few times where dreams have literally changed the direction of my life - so yes..listen to your dreams and work on the message. You are trying to tell yourself something.

I GOT THE BOWL!!! and the little something and you are so sweet, and I adore that bowl. Just love it.

Anonymous said...

I don't find others' dreams boring at all. I'm glad you shared these.