Friday, May 6, 2011

New Bowl

This is a new 2 1/2" x 4" bowl I made from porcelain, underglazed on the outside and clear glazed the inside.

I love it, but it will be going to my ETSY shop as I decided to keep my little quirky white and red vase for myself :-). And I can't keep everything!

Much is going on here, I am full of ideas and projects, I want to purge and paint and renew.

I want change and sparkle and joy.

Life is too short for one more depressing or fearful thought!

I am rambling and I have no time to ramble. I will elaborate on these thoughts more later :-).

Happy Friday! XOXO


kj said...

HAHAHAHA! this is not a new bowl, annie! this is my sweet pea bowl! i use it gleefully many nights with dinner and many days for nibbles. i love it.

so sweet pea has a twin. maybe it is sweet petunia... :^)


Annie Jeffries said...

I am sooo with you. The desire to do and do and do is almost an ache.

Lori ann said...

Wonderful joyful news Annie, I cant wait to see what your happy heart creates.
Sweet little bowl.

Houseelf said...

Pretty bowl. I don't blame you for keeping the vase. It makes me smile.

Yes embrace all the positives and channel them through your work.

Barbara/myth maker said...

What a lovely little bowl. I've always admired people who could make bowls.

sukipoet said...

purge paint and renew love it! Me too

studio lolo said...

I like this bowl too! I hope it gets scooped up right away.

It sounds like the trip renewed your spirits!! yay for that!


soulbrush said...

what a beauty, and i agree, we have to 'suck the marrow of life' right now!

becky said...

I do love this bowl, Annie! I am reading this book that one of my instructors loaned me called "the mud pie dillemma," ( A master potter'rs struggle to make art & make end's meet.) It's pretty good so far.
You're sounding very upbeat... I love the words RENEW, SPARKLE, JOY & CHANGE!! Can't wait to hear about all your ideas & projects! Well, I'm off to unload the kiln, & sand & burnish pots... someday I'll update my blog, ha ha!!
Talk soon!

angela recada said...

Happy weekend! I LOVE this bowl! It's so lovely to see you on such a joyful path

Annie said...

Kj. Well, they are almost twins, more like sisters :-), this bowl has no foot and it is blue not green and it is porcelain not stoneware and it is much smaller, but they both have the same wonderful pattern ot chees cloth
on the outside. I am so glad you love and use your bowl, it makes my heart happy to know it :-).xoxo
Annie, Yes an ache and not nearly enough hours in the day! xoxo
Lori, Thank you darling. xoxo
Melanie,Thank you, it makes me smile too. xoxo
Barbara, Thank you :-). xoxo
Suki, Yes! xoxo
Lo, getting away and Spring always makes me springy! xoxo
Jossie, YES! xoxo
Becky, I want to borrow that book! Talk to you tonight! xoxo

Annie said...

Angela, Thank you Sweetie!xoxo

Mim said...

I love this bowl and I want this bowl. I hope it is still there when I land and can buy it for me,me,me!

Mim said...

I can't stand it! Please save bowl for me I need it!!!

Annie said...

Mim, It is yours! I will put it in my ETSY shop reserved for you and at a discounted price because it's you :-). I was going to ask 40 for it, but for you, 35. Let me know if that is okay price for you(I can discount it a bit more if you need me too :-), and about 4 dollars to send.I will put it in the shop sometime today, unless you would rather send me a check? Email me. xoxo

secret agent woman said...

Very cool bowl.

Mim said...

yea! put it in etsy and I'll check again tomorrow and paypal you the moola!! thanks