Monday, May 9, 2011

Hodge Podge

This is another new small, bud, feather or incense holder, 3 in one :-). Porcelain 2 1/4" x 3 1/4".

It will make it's way to my ETSY shop in the next day or two.

I told you I would elaborate more on all my thoughts and projects of late, so here I go elaborating :-).

First, I am working on a project in porcelain, I am making a book/sculpture and I have the first two pages done,I will share with you soon. Yesterday, I started a new painting project and it is really different for me, I am working on a painting of a vase with flowers! I believe it has come to me out of my love for making the porcelain vases, plus it is Spring :-). I have never painted a vase with flowers in my whole life as an artist. If it turns out I will take photos for you. This painting will be for a show I may or may not get into. Every year Taos has a Fall Arts show, very big in town. They have what they call the "Open" and anyone with money can enter, you pay to hang a painting in a big room. They always hung my paintings by the bathroom or too high and I always felt disgusted by the show and 4 years ago decided I would never put another painting there, and I have stuck to that decision. In another big room, they hang what they call the select and the masters, these artists are invited and have to be juried in. One of the board members has invited me to submit a painting. They don't like abstract paintings in Taos as a general rule, and so I thought since this new piece I am working on is actually a painting of something recognizable I might have a shot at getting in the show :-). We will see. I won't know for a few months, but I will keep you posted.

In other very boring news, I am cleaning and purging my house :-). It feels so good. I worked 11 hours on Saturday and I have much to do, it will be an on going project, when done I plan on having a yard sale and to paint the inside of my house, that is if I can find the time and energy!

And then there is all the thinking I do, I have been thinking a lot about death and old age, and sadness and fear and pain, I know, not very happy thoughts. There is a lot of pain and grief around me these days and I have decided that no matter what I have to embrace all of life and be happy. I really do believe that for the most part happiness is a choice, but I also believe that we have to embrace everything in life including sadness. In my life, at this moment I am turning a page and I am embracing life, finding joy everywhere and inspiration in the air. Today, I am off to hike with my very ailing and old dog, Zeus, not sure how much longer he will carry on, but he loves his hikes and today we have time for a long one. Then after work, I get to paint and for that I am more grateful than I can say. Happy Monday! xoxo


DVArtist said...

Love the feather holder. I too am purging my house and if we ever get a sunny day here will have a garage sale. Any yes there is sadness and lifelessness every where. It is a choice to be happy and even with all the junk we must see the good that is around us.
Have a happy day

kj said...

annie, gulp.

you show up. that counts for everything.

purging and cleaning your space will simplify your mind. that is always good, because stuff isn't just about stuff.

i wish you joy with every paint stroke. i will be very excited to see your finished vase and flowers :^)


Annie said...

Nicole, Thank you. Yes, we can choose to focus on the bad or the good. I choose the good :-).
Kj,Yes, stuff isn't just about stuff :-). I should put that on a wall hanging :-). xoxo

Yoli said...

Annie that is beautiful. I am sorry about Zeus and at the same time glad he has had you as a friend for all these years.

Annie said...

Yoli, Thank you sweetie. xoxo

becky said...

neat idea for a vase- a tripler! :)
ah yes, life- a giant swirling of love, joy, pain, grief, plus a little adventure, surprise, and then some...
thinking of death is pretty normal for me, but probably because i am reminded of the brevity of time on most days...
glad you & zeus got out for nice walk... maybe you found your heart? good luck w/the painting. i was just thinking, if he knows you & your work, why not abstract if that is what you love to do? well, who knows, maybe you will find you love this just as much!
have a nice week, dear annie :)

sukipoet said...

hope you had a great walk. your future plans all sound good. the three spot vase is quite lovely. enjoy the sun.

studio lolo said...

Annie, that little vase is my new favorite of yours. I love things in threes. This reminds me of old ink wells!

I like the idea of you painting something different and 'growing" in a different direction. I'm sure you'll do a nice job, putting your Annie spin on it. I hope you get in the show if you choose to enter!

I'm glad you and Zeus still have each other as partners in life. You've had two hard losses close together. Let's hope this old guy has a few hikes in him yet.♥

And yes, life hold sadness for us all as well as happiness. We just have to live with our eyes wide open.


Annie said...

Becky, The board member likes my art, but there are other board members and I guess I did not make myself very clear, I am not doing this painting for the show, the painting came from my joy and it was natural and real and fun! After I began it I realized that it maybe a good one to enter :-). I am loving it so far and I am half done.xoxo
Suki,Thank you sweetie.xoxo
Lo, Thank you :-). Yes, I hope Zeus
lives as long as he is still having some fun. xoxo

yoborobo said...

Annie - I love that new vase! It's perfect for those little jewels we find in nature, and I can see it happily on a windowsill. I'm turning a page, too, and there are days when it's hard to choose to be happy, but darn it, I am trying!!! lol! Purging is on my do-list, but it is going to have to wait until June. :) xox Pam

Houseelf said...

What a cute and unusual vase. I finished the blue and white quilt for Brian's birthday on Monday which I had been stuck on for ages. Once that was done I was able to move on and clean and clear the craft room. The following day I woke bursting with ideas. I think it's good to sort out and clear your space and mind. It worked for me.

Good luck with your new project. It's so good to push yourself in new directions. It doesn't matter if they accept it or not as long as you create something you are happy with.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love this holder of feathers. If you add enough more to make nine holders you will have a menorah for Chanukah! Think you can do that? LOL

Good luck with the juried show. I have had similiar feelings about our juried art show here. I have been fortunate to get in each year I have entered so far, but like you not always happy where my art has ended up on the walls. Too high, to low, wrong room, etc. But I keep trying and sometimes it looks good and I feel proud. They do not favor fiber art at my gallery!!! So I guess it's a coup that I do get in at all! I am teaching them something maybe?

I also hear you about the thoughts of pain and death and such. All a part of life although the hard parts. I too find myself thinking more as I am aging myself...LIFE!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!