Monday, May 16, 2011

Life Lists

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My mind is all a buzz, so to quiet it I thought I would make a few lists for your viewing pleasure, please leave a list of your own in the comments. Happy Monday! xoxo
What I want to be:
Successful Artist
Fun loving
A list of what I want to do:
Paint a zillion paintings
Make a zillion bowls
Go to France
Just to name a few.
Buy a house and paint it all the colors I love, build a fireplace with all my favorite rocks and shells.
Live near the sea
and also have a house in New Mexico
Have a large garden of my own design
Learn to cook more than the hand full of things I cook well.
Learn to knit
Learn to sew
Learn to speak French
Learn something new every year until I die.
What I want to have:
More love
More money
More animals
More time to do what I love.
More hugs
A house of my own
Okay, that about covers it :-).
What I have that I am very grateful for:
My family,
My furbabies
My friends
My blogging buddies
My talent
My sweet Subaru
My little rented house
My clients
My health
My thin body (Yay, for learning to eat healthy foods while still eating foods I love and enjoying life!) Finally! What took me so long?
Taos, New Mexico
A list of things I wish I could do:
Have enough money to start a no kill animal shelter here in Taos
Save the Dolphins!
Stop hate and cruelty.
Had the power to make everyone I know happy :-).


Jos said...

Things I love and am grateful for;
My family
My friends (incl. you!)
My health

Ha! Pretty short list eh? Amazing how long it took me though. So many thoughts, dreams and wishes but ultimately it is my family, friends and my health that matter more than anything else. I guess that's good though right?

ok so wishes ...

that I would be;
more outgoing

that I could go to;
Venice (again)
New Zealand
New Mexico :)
The Grand Canyon
New York City
St Petersburgh
and then heaven

that I could learn;
german (am learning)
guitar (am learning)
drums (am learning)
creative writing
stained glass making/restoring
furniture making
curry making (am learning)
ways to help people feel good about themselves.

Oh ... and money would be nice!!!

Love you Annie. Happy ___day (fill in the blank when you read this). xx Jos

becky said...

I think the things you want to be, you already are!
I have a life list written down- I put things on there no matter how lofty they seem. Mainly, I want to just live a life full of creativity & love...
Oh, and go to Alaska, hike the PCT, & have my own home & studio.... meet my soulmate, take 6 months off to backpack the western states... oh, shoot , I could go on & on! Life lists are good- gives us something to work towards!

Annie said...

Ah Jos, you are already the bravest
woman I know :-). I like your list and you know you always have a place to stay in New Mexico and while you are here I could give a painting lesson :-). Love you too.
Becky,You are too kind :-).Nice list. Alaska is on my list too! xoxo

sukipoet said...

fun to read your lists. many blessings to you as you journey onward.

secret agent woman said...

That's quite a set of lists. It's good to stop and take stock like that.

kj said...

i love this! my list should be simple (i'll now see!)

cut chores and paperwork in half at least
a month in africa
walk without limitations
write a really good second book

i wish i were thinner and i wish my ego would stop having to be told to stop making noise

please count me in in the love you department,


yoborobo said...

Annie - I wish all of that for you and more. You deserve it. :)) xox Pam

Lori ann said...

I agree with Pam, I'm wishing for all this for you too. Your lists made me smile, isn't life something?
Big hugs to you!

Houseelf said...

To be: content.
To do: everything I attempt.
To have: what I need when I need it.
To be grateful for: imagination, husband and children, time.

I don't want to feel limits. LOL I know I'll blunder around making a mess but surely I'll learn something in the process.

Annie said...

Suki, Thank you.xoxo
Secret Agent, Yes it is.xoxo
Kj, Thank you for playing.xoxo
Pam, Thank you darling.xoxo
Lori, Thank you, how sweet you are. xoxo
Melanie, Wow, what a zen list, I think you win for best list, I may have to make a wall hanging with this on it. Wow.xoxo