Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, I hope you don't mind I scanned an old photo, as you won't let me show any new photos even though you are still beautiful :-).
Even if we do not always see eye to eye we always love one another and that counts for a lot, it counts for everything. Happy Mother's Day, mom, I love you.
All you moms out there have a wonderful Day!
Even if you are not a mom, have a wonderful day!


Houseelf said...

What a beautiful photograph. The dress looks like it would be stunning.

soulbrush said...

what pure natural beauty, i do so love old photos.

Lori ann said...

This is so sweet, love to you and your beautiful mom. And thank you!

Anonymous said...


sukipoet said...

gosh your mom looks like a movie star! what a wonderful photo.

nollyposh said...

You have a ~Beautiful Big Heart~ Annie <3

becky said...

I agree w/ Suki Poet! She's beautiful Annie!
A lovely post for a lovely mom.
(funny, i am not a mom, but got lots of mother's day wishes at work today :) so happy mother's day to you too!)

kj said...

is it her beautiful eyes, annie, that look so much like yours?

this is filled with love in every way.


Marion said...

Your mom is beautiful! I love old photos like this, she looks like she should be in those old movie magazines. Love to you and your lovely mother!

Jos said...

My word Annie, Suki is right! Your Mom looks like a movie star. I bet she loves this picture too doesn't she? ... Mind you, for some odd reason almost nobody likes photos of themselves regardless of how glamourous they look.

Such a contrast of character between my mum and me ... and then that are these odd flashes of exact-sameness that un-nerve me even now. Families are funny like that.

xx Jos

Anonymous said...

Oh, she looks like a movie star! Oh, Suki already said that.