Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More New Stuff

This is the last of my vases and also a plate. Plates are hard if you are doing porcelain, they warp when they get fired, this one is the third try and it did pretty good except the red underglaze bubbled, so I will be using this plate and not selling it, but I thought I would show it to you anyway. The vase and plate are a part of my "Circus Series" I am sure after I paint paintings for a while, I will return to making these. The vase is small at 2"x 1 1/2".

I had a long and busy day, so that's it for now. Happy Wednesday! XOXO


becky said...

Hey Annie~
I am love with the plate! I clicked to enlarge twice, but only saw the tiniest of bubbles. Do they extend thru the clear glaze? Did you find a way that you can use the red next time & not have it bubble? It's a great piece. I never could make a decent plate when I was throwing- the nice ones cracked & the others looked like frisbees.
Sounds like you had a busy day. I've got school the next 2 days, then work solid til monday. Whew!
Still can't wait to see the painting!!!

Barbara/myth maker said...

The vase is adorable, and I really like the design of the'll have to do more of them.
I like the idea of a circus theme... I just read Water for Elephants, so I have the circus on my mind.

yoborobo said...

I love your little vases. There is something so dear about them. A place to put just one or two blossoms. Perfection! And all circus art is close to my heart. xox - Pam

sukipoet said...

i enjoy the circus theme. esp like the plate idea. glad you are working well!phy

Annie said...

Becky, Thank you. The bubbles are pretty bad. I could sand it and repaint and refire, but the form is not perfect enough I think to bother. Not quite a frisbee, but close, the plates get better everytime, so I know the next one will be a good one. The reason the red bubbled is because red bubbles if you put it on too thick, and I am just now learning this. RED is hard! I did a double yesterday and have another today! Too much work, so no time yet to finish the painting. Don't work too hard! xoxo
Barbara, I loved that book! And thank you. xoxo
Pam, Thank you, we are kindred spirits for sure :-).xoxo
Suki, Thank you! xoxo

Lynn Cohen said...

I love your new style branching out here...Vase is cute and the swirls on the plate quite wonderful. Fun fun fun!!!

Annie said...

Blogger, you ate all my comments! Where did they go?

secret agent woman said...

They went to Blogger limbo, and they will never emerge. Bites.

However, you managed to make dandelions appealing.

becky said...

My whole post from wednesday disappeared! I have gone to the blogger page- they say they have returned the posts that were removed due to error & are now working on the comments, so your comments may return. My post went into a digital black hole somewhere!

soulbrush said...

ooooh I love this pot, what fun fun fun.