Sunday, November 9, 2008

What I love today...

I love these little dead flowers I snapped a photo of yesterday
on my run.
I love my little snap and shoot camera.
I love my four animal boys.
I love my new, bigger work room.
I love "Iron Man" the movie, I watched Friday night.
I love the book "Water for Elephants", I started reading
in bed this morning.
I love reading in my cozy bed with my animal boys huddled
around me.
I love that Forrest is home.
I love that Obama is our new president!
I love my family and friends.
I love blogging.
I love you all. Happy Sunday. What do you love today?


Unknown said...

Annie, this is a fab list, love all your loves hehe :D Have a great week ahead..its Monday bunnday here..

Unknown said...

Enjoy the book--I loved it,too...especially the roustabouts. Great word:>)
Have a lovely week with that lovely heart of yours.

Sizzle said...

I love a good circus tale and Water for Elephants is fantastic. I devoured it.

sukipoet said...

I love reading your lovely list. It makes me feel cheerful.

Em said...

I liked that book too!

abcd said...

1. love my new $300 laptop.
2. love using my cellphone camera, finally
3. Love my "secret project"
4. Love getting back into classroom
5. Love the heated and vibrating booties I inherited from my father,,,we both have the cold feet jene

Anonymous said...

What wonderful "loves".

I love my new craft room I have been moving into today!!!! There is space and things are slowly coming out of corners and piles to inhabit the places I had thought for them in my head months ago. Wonderful day!

mermaid said...

I love your love for all the things you posted:)

Inherently Different said...

A little late, but I loved Iron Man too... it was by far, up to that point, the best super hero movie I had seen (and was only beaten by The Dark Knight and only because I love me some batman). All your other stuff is awesome too! Having lots to love is a good thing :)