Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random thoughts...

This is a photo of my wonderful dog Zeus on the run :-).
I have a few things to report. First I had a couple of lovely, strange
things happen that I realized Coyote was alerting me to. Remember
the coyote story a few posts back? Whenever I see a coyote it means
that something extraordinary is about to happen, and this time was no
different. However I am sorry to say I cannot tell you about it as it involves
people who may read my blog and some parts of my life must stay private.
I just wanted you to now that I decoded the message :-).
As to other news: My Esty shop is not getting many visitors, any Esty shop
owners with any advice on how to get customers, please feel free
to pass it on to this beginner. I am not too upset by this lack of visitors, I realize
these things take time.
As of late I have been working with energy. We waste energy anytime we
judge or obsess on things like someone who did us wrong. I thought I was
pretty good about this stuff, but have noticed lately my poor attitude.
I took steps this week to change this around. Now an alarm goes off whenever
I find myself doing said behaviour. Wow. I found out I do it much more than
I am aware of. Imagine all the energy I will save! Perhaps I will gather enough
energy to make my dreams come true.
Life is too short to waste one minute on feeling blue. I confess I have been
blue for a couple weeks, but there has been a shift and I am glad I woke
up out of my stupor.
Happy Tuesday. XOXO


Yoli said...

Oh those magical cayotes. Soon my friend, the tide will turn.

sukipoet said...

That's great Annie about your mysterious something wonderful. I'm so glad for you.

Re: etsy. For me, business is very slow and usually comes from other bloggers. I did just sell a book but there are sometimes months between my sales. There is some kind of chat or info section on Etsy where they may discuss these questions you have. I guess I tend to put things out there and then not think too much abt it nor have any particular expectations.

I like what you say about stopping yourself when negative thoughs arise. I need to do more of that myself esp when I wake up at 2 am and worry.

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie how wonderful that you have reached a great place in your life. I'm so happy for you.

You aren't the 1st person who has been wondering where all the Etsy buyers are. I think things are very slow there at the moment. In England the £ was worth $2.00 but it has slipped to under $1.50 so slaes to the UK could be down because of that. I've also heard that the credit crunch is hitting some people hard.

Em said...

It's a never-ending process I think. Awareness is the key. :-)

mermaid said...

It's hard to be aware of everything. It's even harder to accept it. Be kind, be gentle. I find that when I am towards myself, and I am also more likely to be so towards others.

Unknown said...

Hello Annie, so sorry to hear about the etsy visitor, am no help either as I didnt even know etsy existed until I glad that you've figured out the coyote part..

willowtree said...

I thought this post was some sort of a poem when I first saw it, what's the deal with the crazy layout?

Annie Coe said...

Suki-Yes, I know about that 2Am wakeup call :-).
Melanie-It is a slow time everywhere, but I was hoping to
sale something anyway :-).
em-Yes, indeed.
M.Kate-Don't feel badly, I did not know about Esty either.
WT-Ask blogger, they did the layout, I typed it like a normal post. This has happened to me before, but I have no idea why.