Thursday, November 6, 2008

Living in the moment

Beautiful photo of the buddha taken by Geraint Smith.
There has been so much on my mind and in my life that
everyday I have to remind myself to slow down and stay
in the moment. When I get going and my mind is racing,
I think, how will I pay my bills, how will I afford to go home
(Portland Oregon) for Christmas, I need to sell some art...
In the mist of this mind storm I remember, oh yeah, I need
to stay in the now. I take a deep breath. Then, I ask myself
how things are in the moment, and I realize, things are great.
Plenty of money and a lovely trip home in the planning
stages. I have all I need. Nothing is wrong :-). I then
remind myself to trust where I am, love where I am, and
trust that the future is taken care of, I don't have to worry or
toil. What a relief :-). There is so much freedom in trust.
My wish is that I could stay in this state always, but life
is after all imperfect and that is also a joy. How boring if it
were perfect. Please share any tales about trust.
Happy Thursday everyone. XOXO


Unknown said...

Hello Annie, I always love reading your post..its as i know you :D
I remembered clearly when I was down on my butt haha..that 2 weeks of immobility sure gave me a lot of things to think and ponder over! And to think that it had to take an accident to slow me down and to 'live in the moment' as I wasnt going anywhere hehe..Sometimes, things work out funnily, I have been quite blessed all my life. Occassional problem and heart stopping moment at times, but somehow, it just works out OK, not perfect but just OK. and that's good enough for me. Hope you are having a good weekend :D

mermaid said...

I just posted something about Fall Falling. A bit of a different twist, but very much the same, I think. Thank you, dear one, for the beautiful picture and post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, illness forced me to take it easy these past couple of weeks. I think also the wider universe was telling me to slow down in that my best sewing machine refused to turn on -completely dead and now with repair chap, laptop dead too and before that this computer had to have a re-build. As bad luck is meant to come in 3s I've had my fill now. :-)
Wasn't the whale story wonderful?

sukipoet said...

"There is so much freedom in trust." I agree with this so much. To me trust is letting go of fear (which usually is a projection into the future and out of the present moment) and the feelings of lack. Eckhart tolle says something like we do not know what the future will bring. Nor do we need to know. Whew! It's okay not to know. I dont think trust means to say okay for sure I'll get what I want the way i want it. But more, the universe will bring to me what it brings and I will work with it just as today I am working with what today brings me. a sort of self confidence that whatever arises, I will work with it at the time it arises. Rather than trying to figure out all eventualities ahead of time so I can try to control all outcomes. From that letting go of control, comes the sense of freedom.

Dagny said...

I trust nothing. ;)

But I'm working on that. :D


Lorie McCown said...

Amen sister! Trust seems to be a rare commodity these days. I trust the almightly to look after us, no matter what!! I hope that art flies out of your shop!

Em said...

Good for you for bringing yourself back to that place. It's almost impossible for me!

Yoli said...

I love this post Annie. Are you Buddhist? You take a Buddhist approach to life and it will serve you well. I hope you have a great weekend.

jennifer said...


I have loved reading your blog!!!! We are alsos o thrilled with Obama winning! It has been a big week of celebration!
My blog has moved.. come see new Sadie pix!


Annie Coe said...

Mermaid-You are welcome. Your blog feeds my soul as well.
Melanie-I hope you are better now.And yes, the whale story was lovely :-).
Suki-Yes, the letting go of control and acceptance is key to freedom.
dagny-Blessings on you, that you find your trust, XOXO.
Lorie-Thank you!
em-It is not always easy.
Yoli-I am a Buddhist of sorts :-).
Jennifer-Thank you!