Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This photo taken by Geraint Smith.
I saw a coyote while running this morning. It has been at
least a year and a half since I last saw my old friend.
I never told you all the story about how a coyote came in
to the gallery where I worked a couple years ago. It was afternoon
around four o'clock on a late Summer's day. I was sitting at the
computer in the office and I heard the ringer go off to alert me
that someone was there. A few seconds later a coyote stood
staring at me. Now the really amazing thing is that this coyote,
not only had to come to town to see me, he had to go through a
closed in courtyard and through two rooms with small doors.
I talked to a man who knows a lot about coyotes and he said a
coyote would never enter a space like that, well mine did :-).
Coyotes have always brought me messages by their appearances.
Sometimes I get the message, sometimes I don't. I have been thinking
hard about what that coyote was trying to tell me this morning.
It feels important is all I know for sure.


Unknown said...

Amazing story.:>)Good luck with deciphering his message and let us know how you break the code...

Em said...

Wow! So cool!!! Let us know when you figure it out.

Lisa said...

That gave me chills! xoxoxoxox

sukipoet said...

Amazing story. You know we have them here. Esp on Cape Cod. they run right through Falmouth downtown and terrorize the cats and small animals. I wrote a rather long short story called "Coyote Weeps," as i feel they have messages for us too.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful. Coyote is often known as "Coyote the Trickster" in tales because he is so clever. Perhaps he is your totem? If he was running for the joy of running, perhaps he meant to join you on your run and let you know you were on the right track?

very interested to know more.

beautiful snow pic in previous post.

Unknown said...

I've never seen a coyote before...hope you figured out his message ;D

Paula In Pinetop said...

I see lots of them, hanging out in my neighborhood. I like them.

Glad you got a visit. Lucky you !

Snow in Taos ! That is why I live in Rio Rancho !

XUE said...

That is an incredible tale & that the coyote had to travel quite a bit to get to you!

robin laws said...

that is a beautiful photograph annie and it surely sounds like to me as though you are being given a message! and how could it not be important with all the mysticism that surrounds this beautiful creature!

happy thanksgiving to you!!!