Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is what I woke up to yesterday morning. It was a shock.
I always feel like it is Christmas when it snows. I love snow
even though I hate driving in it. It has all melted already
and all is clear today. The picture is so dark because it was
6 in the morning when I took it. I am off on a run so I have
to keep this post short. I will be posting photos of ornaments soon.
I finally have a few completed :-). Have a great Tuesday.


Em said...

Oh wow! Seems so foreign and far away to me right now!

sukipoet said...

Yikes. You got snow before we did. Well, you do live up in the mountains and the mountian areas around here have gotten snow.

Unknown said...

snow! wow..xmas is so near already..too bad we wont experience it ;(

Lisa said...

oooooh snow!!!Yay!

robin laws said...

oh annie this is a beautiful image!!! it doesn't look a bit dark to me at all. i love how the snow just lays itself on all the surfaces. it looks like light.

here i am! yeah!! i decided to join rachel at work today for her 8 hour shift so i could have a little on-line time to visit everyone without the pressure of connection issues.

thank you annie for your steady visits and encouragement these past days. it means a lot each time i see that little you've got mail image come up on my trusty iPhone :)
it looks like all is well in your world. i will be back for a visit once i am home.

Kate P said...

It looks so pretty, even if for a fleeting moment!