Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day. I have not said anything
about this election because I am not a very political
person. I have a hard time getting worked up about
any of it, but I am going to say a little bit here in honor
of a man I believe is our best hope. I won't tell you I
think you should vote, or who to vote for, but I will
tell you that I think Obama is the only choice. This
is what I believe with my heart and my mind.
When I was very young (and this will really age me :-),
I loved Bobby Kennedy and the day he was shot was
very dark. I lost hope then in the political system.
Obama has brought back just a glimmer of that hope.
For me, today, he is the only choice.
Blessings on him and may the Gods smile on him tomorrow
and on us all :-).


Unknown said...

Dearest Annie, the world watches as America decides. There is not a single day pass without the mention of the US election in our papers or news..and I do hope the right one is chosen, for the whole world's sake. Happy voting :D

sukipoet said...

Hi Annie. I'm not very political either. Well, today we find out the answer. Be well, suki

Em said...

Right on!

Dagny said...

I agree.

I hope it works out down there today.