Sunday, November 23, 2008

What do men want?

Men are all the time asking what women want,
I thought I would ask the same question of the men.
I know I don't have many male readers, but I expect to
hear from both of you :-). I have been thinking of this
for a long time.
I ask this because most (not all) of
the crazy, high maintenance women I know have men, and
the wonderful, sweet women I know don't (there are exceptions).
You know how men are all the time saying that woman like bad boys, well
I think it is true of men too, they like bad women.
I am pretty sure looks don't matter much in this equation, as most of
the women I know are all good looking. I lump myself in
with the wonderful, sweet women. I fail miserably at
relationship. I don't mind this so much because I am a loner,
but would like to one day have a mate :-). So, guys help me out.
What do you want your dream woman to be like? Since I have very
few male readers, any of you, male or female that has advice, please give it to me.
I probably should not post right before bed, I tend to ramble
and ask silly questions :-).
Sweet dreams. XOXO


willowtree said...

Obviously I can't talk for all men, just myself, but I think what most of us want in a woman is someone who doesn't over think things.

Unknown said...

Oh..Annie, what a tough question you ask. I only have one relationship in my life and that's my husband and I know exactly what he wants, so cant say about what men wants in general. They are kinda fickle minded right? I think many may go for the looks first, though some may just be interested in what's inside..sigh..hope you find the answer soon, big hugs :D

sukipoet said...

Good questions. NO easy answers. But I think "high maintenance" women have a certain magnetic energy and maybe the men are, at first, drawn to this energy. I also think what age segment one is in matters. IE younger people have that more or less innate desire to reproduce driving them to find partners and that desire creates again a magnet effect. That draw lessens when a woman gets older as that focus tends to fade.

I have never had much luck with relationships either. I partly blame myself here, as I am drawn to the "bad boy" guys but find it hard to maintain the giving giving giving that is required. The magnetism is there at first, but then it fades as i see how dysfunctional my selected partner is. Maybe I expect too much. At this point I feel folks my age are very set in their ways and it is hard to imagine myself in a live in relationship again. However, it would be fun to have a guy to go to the movies with and so forth.

sukipoet said...

ps there is an award for you on my blog

Em said...

Annie... the obvious answer of course is that all men want something different. Don't they? HAHA! What the hell do I know? I have no answers.

You do make me wonder if I'd be in the "high maintenance" category though.

Jack Steiner said...

so cant say about what men wants in general. They are kinda fickle minded right?

No more than women are. No easy answer to the question, everyone of us is different.

Inherently Different said...

Well, I might get kicked out of the he-man-woman-haters club for sharing information, but...

Men want three things from women:

1. Confidence.
2. Sexuality.
3. Rationale.

If you, as a woman, can safely claim to be in possession of all three of these traits, chances are you'll be in great demand from your male friends and sig others.

It really is that easy. Lots of people will say there are no easy answers, but the truth is that it IS JUST THAT easy.

BTW: this is e! from Inherently Different :)

Dagny said...

Ok, sending this to Mr Dagny for you, I will get his manly manswers...LOL


Dagny said...

ok, and I am also going to answer.

I honestly think that the smart awesome women refuse to settle. So that is why they end up alone, NOT because they aren't worth having.

Smart women want a man they can have conversations with. Shallow high maintenance women are (again, exceptions...hehee) looking for more superficial things I imagine. Bank account, looks.

I am sure that in your life there have been moments where you could have decided to 'settle'...and being the strong awesome woman yo are, you did not.

That is what I think.


Sudbury Underground said...

This is definitely a tough question. I assume that all men are looking for something slightly different, but Monkey Diarist has some good points.
My personal biggest turn-ons are sense of humour and what I'll call "compatibility". If you'll laugh along with my ridiculous jokes, and we can converse about anything and everything for hours, then I'm yours.

robin laws said...

tee he hee... i could hardly wait to browse through the comments on this post my dear :) i can't tell for sure but it sure looks like you had more than 2 male visitors as a result of this question. their answers seem not very helpful though. hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Hubby is ill at the mo. so when I asked he said "Someone who will look after me". LOL I think that's me out then. :-)

I think what people want changes with time and the key to a good relationship is to adapt and accept that things change.

Eliezer Sobel said...

Men want eternal unbounded infinite blissful union with the Feminine.

Eliezer Sobel said...

P.S. hey Annie, when I respond to one of your comments on my blog, are you notified?

Annie Coe said...

WT-I do tend to overthink things, but I have been working on that.
M.Kate-Yes-fickle-Yes :-).
Suki-You make some good points. Thank you for the award.
Em-No, I don't think you are high
maintenance, but only you know for sure :-).
Jack-You are right, women are fickle too, but not me :-).
e!-You are right, except that it still does not explain the fact that the H.M. women I know have very little confidence, and while I do not have confidence 100% of the time, I do have more than they do. Also I am a bit more rationale
Dagny-I love your answer best, and in my case it is most likely true :-). I do not settle.
Mr. Dagny-A sense of humor is a must for me too.
Melanie-You are right, except sometimes people change in opposite
directions. I love your husbands answer :-).
Eliezer-:-). And no, I don't get notified.

Em said...

I'm gonna say I'm not. I don't think I ask for much. Course, I don't know what you mean by HM exactly...

Annie Coe said...

em-I mean demanding and having to get your way all the time, also having to look a certain way and spending all your time on your body, hair and clothes. (Spending sometime on these things is normal

Dagny said...

I knew you weren't a settler Annie!!!!!


Em said...

Oh... well, I'm definitely not demanding and don't need to get my way all the time. I like to go shopping though! :-)