Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This will be me tomorrow evening after eating all day :-).
I know I am a day early, but I will be too busy cooking and
eating tomorrow to post. I have been a bad blogger and have not posted much
lately at all, I will do better next week and fill you in on what
I have been up too. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, if you live where
it is celebrated and if not Happy Thursday :-). XOXO
P.S.I almost forgot the most important part of tomorrow, gratitude! There is so much to
be grateful for. I have a huge list, but the most important part of that list, is family and friends and my
four animal boys. What are you grateful for today?


Unknown said...

Hi Annie, firstly Malaysian postal sucks to the max..todate, I've got 5 parcels all missing. The bag Xue made was ordered and she sent it via registered post and express, i guess that's why it came swiftly. I am so sad over this matter and hope you do forgive the lousy service here. I am however, thankful for your friendship and happy thanksgiving Annie. Much love and big hugs :D

Unknown said...

Have a happy, happy day. This is what we look like now:>) We had our turkey a day early and are completely, gluttonishly stuffed. Don't know how we're going to do this again tomorrow. Spandex, I guess.

mermaid said...

Just posted it! Happy Thanksgiving, Annie!

sukipoet said...

Have a wonderful day Annie.

Dagny said...

Have a great day Annie and Furkids!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Annie. I hope you aren't feeling too bloated from feasting.

Mary-Laure said...

Adorable kitties! Meeeeooooow!

Annie Coe said...

Thanks everyone, I hope your Thanksgiving day (or Thursday)
was wonderful.