Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Not Mr. B, I am the one who is boring.
Mr. B is the cat who needs to gain weight.
It is too early to tell if he is gaining with his new food,
but he eats a lot and that has to count. Isn't he
pretty? And he is sweet too if you don't count
his yowling in the mornings to get me up :-). But
hey they all yowl to get me up. Who needs an alarm
when you have three cats and one dog? Not me.
I have precious little to say as you can tell, but
I feel I must post if I can even if I have absolutely
nothing of interest to tell you, :-), sorry. I am
just so boring right now, work, paint, work, paint,
run, work, paint, read, work, paint. You get the idea.
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone. Love you.


Nina said...

There is nothing boring about painting. :-)

Julie said...

Nothing boring about painting at all. And pets are most assuredly NOT boring, as I can attest with 2 dogs and 6 cats...

Annie Coe said...

Well, you both are right, it is just my lack of words to talk about said painting and said animals that is boring :-). My God Julie, you have six cats! I thought I was the cat lady, but you beat me by 3! Thanks
for posting you are great!