Sunday, February 10, 2008


I believe in magic. I believe in dreams coming
true. I believe in making wishes. My wishes for
today are pretty much the same as my wishes
of the last few years: To be painting and writing
full time, to be in a happy, loving relationship, and
to have enough money to travel more. Really simple.
I want to go to Paris and Alaska first, then Morocco :-).
And I would visit my family more often.
If I were painting and writing full time I would spend
most of my day doing one or the other and running in
the woods for longer than I can now. I would also see
my friends more. If my relationship wish came true
(not yet sure what is going to happen with Mr. B)
I would spend a lot of time lavishing my man with
attention and affection :-). This is the year for me to
make these wishes come true, or at least one of them.
What do you wish for? May your wishes be blessed :-).

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