Monday, February 18, 2008


The snow is melting, see proof in this photo.
This is my yard, and it gets no sun all Winter,
so the melting is a bit slow going. I should
have taken a photo of the roads where I run,
but they would not be very nice pictures as it is all
pretty much mud, lots, and lots, of brown, gooey
mud. This morning I was lucky because it was
so cold that the mud was still frozen when I went
out to run. I love Spring except for the mud :-).
Did I say I HATE mud? Well I do, I hate it.
I want to thank Nina for posting a comment in
my last post, she is a real blog friend now as she
is the only one so far that has taken pity on me.
If you know what is good for you, go check out her
blog, because she will make you laugh. Another
blog that will make you smile is Neil's except today's
blog is kind of sad, so go say hello to cheer him up.
I think that about covers it for today.
Live love, have a great day!


Jessie said...

mud is a very messy thing. i dread what the dogs will do to the backyard in the next couple months. scary!

oh, and i'm just catching up on your blog--but congratulations on your upcoming show! :)

Annie Coe said...

Jessie, I am so happy for your show coming up too! May you sale every painting, opening night!

Neil said...

Thanks, Annie!

Julie said...

Here in Carolina we have red clay mud, so I get the ugh factor. Good luck on the show!!