Saturday, February 2, 2008


Everyone needs to feel warm and happy and loved.
Everyone should at the very least have a little of
all three of these things at some point in their lives.
I have been very lucky to be warm and loved for
most of my life. I also learned that being happy is
up to me. No one can make me happy that is the
one thing I must do for myself. Sometimes it is easier
said than done, but it is the only way. If you are
waiting for someone or something to come along
and make you happy, it is not ever going to happen.
Most people are waiting for their love life to make
them happy, or for success or money. All those
things are nice, but they will only make you happy
for about a day or two. Real happiness comes from inside :-).
In other news:
I have great news about Bernie(see other posts),
she did not win the contest for the animal shelter, but
she did raise enough money to build a smaller shelter
and that is going to help her a great deal. Thank you
to anyone that donated :-). Have a wonderful weekend.
Be happy :-).

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