Sunday, February 17, 2008

More random thoughts

On my mind today: time, spirit and art.
I am still working hard on my new painting.
It takes me about two months to do a large 47"x47".
Now if I was not working a full time job I could probably
get one done in three weeks, perhaps even two. But I do
work a full time job, so there you have it. I was figuring out
how long I actually spend a week painting and it boils
down to about 9-16 hours a week. I also realized something
I wonder if married people understand, or even single
people like me for that matter: If you are single you end up
doing twice as much as your married friends, twice as much!
You are the only one who goes to buy groceries, does laundry,
cleans the house, gets an oil change, goes to the Post Office.
People with a partner only have to do some of that some of the
time. You get what I am saying? Now, if said people have kids
forget the comparison because you have no time for anything :-).
So I figured out after errands and chores (with four animals there
are always chores) and making dinner and eating, and dishes, and
after working all day, I am ready to paint at around 8:30 and I go
to bed around ten or eleven as I get up at 5:30. That leaves me an
hour and a half to work on my painting. Then of course if I get a
phone call or two, or something else like taxes has to be done,
I don't get to work on it at all. I was thinking perhaps I should try
sleeping less, but that never works for me :-). I just have to
find a way to stop working. That is all there is to it :-).
On the other hand I know that we are all at the right place
at the right time and I do trust that, with all my heart. So
that is what I am thinking about today :-). Also I notice I still
don't have any comments :-)... Have a great week end!


Nina said...

Well now you have comments. At least one. Great blog! :-)

Jessie said...

hate to break it to ya, chica...but i only get HALF as much done since i got married. :)- ahhhh! what is a girl to do?!?!?!

Annie Coe said...

Hey, Jessie I guess I forgot about all that cuddling time and togetherness :-), that is a time stealer, but a great one! :-).