Saturday, February 23, 2008

Random thoughts, again...

Do you see that tiny black speck on the sign?
It is a huge Raven, but you can't tell, because I
have a camera that is a point and shoot and after
using said camera for a month, I want the real thing,
you know a camera with lens' and stuff. A real camera.
However, those cost a lot of money and I can not buy
one for a while, so you will have to put up with my
photos of tiny ravens :-).
I had a great couple days cleaning and painting. It felt
good to work on my real work. The painting is still a
month or so from being done, but it is starting to look like
something now. I also watched movies. I am a movie addict.
I love a good movie and a good book more than men :-).
I watched "Eastern Promises" again. I had to because I am
in love with Viggo Mortensen. I mean this guy is a wonder.
He speaks a zillion languages, he paints, he is a photographer,
and a jazz musician and a horseman. Just to name a few things
I love about him and he is also beautiful. I have left Johnny Depp
and I now live with Viggo :-).
In other news I read something today that I want to share:
"There are no neutral thoughts". I have been thinking about it
all day. Your thoughts are either negative, or positive.
Think good thoughts people :-). Have a wonderful weekend.


Julie said...

Oh Viggo. I pretty much think he's the ultimate man.

I'm glad you had such a good time the past few days, and we missed you!

Annie Coe said...

Sigh, yes, Viggo, ultimate, yes :-).
Thanks, I missed you too.