Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Look at this sweet face, it belongs to my dog Zeus.
I myself am not feeling very sweet at the moment.
I have been noticing something of late about all
(okay, not all, but most) of the men in my life.
Is it just me or do men seem to be ALL about them,
their issues, their problems, their angst? What about us women?
Do we not have issues, problems and angst? Do they
care? Non. Now I am not talking about sweet men like
Neil, who is in a bit of angst right now. I am talking about
in general has anybody else noticed this, or is it just me?
I love men I really do, but at this moment in time I think
I will just live with my four boys (pets) and leave the rest
of the men alone. I do have a few male friends who care,
but all in all I think I am done with men, at least for a
couple days :-).
I am taking a couple days away from the computer to
devote to painting and cleaning my house. Have a great
rest of the week. Love ya.


Julie said...

What an adorable face your dog has, even though we can only see part of it...

Men. I wish they came with a manual. I swear, even DH makes no sense, and forget about when something is bothering him. Good Lord.

Nina said...

good for you for taking some time away. I'd do it too, but I am contractually obligated to post because of Blog365. And I don't break promises to the internet.