Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animal Wednesday

These are photos I took last week, the top one a bunny, who posed very nicely for me and the second is a bird I can't name as I can never get a good photo, I was lucky to snap this on a hike, they don't sit still for very long, but the males have the most beautiful blue feathers, you can almost see it here. Happy Wednesday! XOXO


studio lolo said...

I'm wondering if that's a bower bird Annie. Do you have them there? Google it :)

Cutest ever bunny!


Mim said...

lovely bunny to sit so still for you! and a beautiful bird - land and air for AW today

Unknown said...

Ha! Bunnies..I missed them :)

Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet to find such beautiful wild life close to home.
Annie my gifts arrived today. They are precious and I love them both.
Thank you so much for your generosity. I am wearing it now.
;-) See it on my blog tomorrow too!!!!

Lori ann said...

It kind of looks like a quail? i love the desert and all it's creatures. How lovely to go for a hike.

yoborobo said...

Lovely pictures! I wonder what that bird is? He almost has the coloring of a jay. I miss going for walks in the desert. xox!

xxx said...

That is a very blue bird. Beautiful Annie.

I like the bunny shot too.

I love seeing animals when I'm out walking, but I'm not keen on seeing snakes and there are few about this time of year here in Perth.

Have a lovely weekend
x Robyn

secret agent woman said...

Love the bunny. Not a stellar jay? I tried enlarging the photo but couldn't get a clear sense of the bird.

Annie said...

Lo, No, I checked, not a Bower, but thanks for trying.xoxo
Mim-I do love the bunnies :-).xoxo
Lynn-So glad you like them. You are a doll. xoxo
Lori-LOL, well, it is not a very good photo :-). xoxo
Pam- Almsot the same blue, but even more stunning and he is not as big as a Jay.xoxo
Robyn-I will tell all the snakes not to bother Robyn :-).You have a great weekend too. xoxo
Secret Agent-No, not a Jay, much smaller. xoxo

kj said...

hello annie, i'm commenting on wednesday on friday. i only wish i knew to suggest any bird! that is something i so want to learn about, along with trees, but i'm slow about it. here's wishing you a happy weekend. those mountains must be so incredible.


~Babs said...

Got a great feel for your area from these pics, thanks Annie!
Perfectly behaved Bunny!

I'm thinking it *might* be a Bluebird. From this shot it looks as though it could be.We see them here occasionally,,,but more so in Arkansas. Very beautiful, bright blue, and smallish.

Kate P said...

It's the Velveteen Rabbit and the Bluebird of Happiness, right? :)

marianne said...

Cute rabbit.
We don't have these bird here.......

HAW late......I know ;)

Anonymous said...

Could it be a Clark's Nutcracker?

Anonymous said...

Smaller than a jay? New Mexico has all three bluebirds: western, eastern and mountain.

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Annie, this woman will know what that bird is: